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The Tsunamirama is an custom version of Tsunami 2S with its slick Black and White design. Its stats makes it the most remarkable and the most reliable mediums weapons in the game. Perhaps the most amazing things about this weapon is its accuracy. It also has a functional scope which can be even more useful in Long-Range combat situations. It is recommended to use scope only for Long Range distances and without scope for close to medium range combat.

Due to its high accuracy and low recoil, crouching while scoping will make the most "Easy to Handle" scope weapons. So almost completely 31 shots while crouching and scoping will hit where the dots of your scope is pointed at. Perhaps this weapons is highly abusive weapons in the game due to its unfair stats against Sniper Players. For example, using this devastating weapon in SniperHill.

The weapon is also counted as a Pic 'n' Win items and therefore it can be obtainable in either in Pic 'n' Win or sometime rarely at the shop.

Stats of Tsunamirama

Damage: 42%
Accuracy: 100%
Recoil: 12%
Rate of Fire: 65%