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Frying Pan

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| desc = "Want to know why that egg is stuck to the pan? So are we. " - Brick-Force.
==Purchasing Options==
*1 Day- 1,770 FP/ 59 Tokens
*7 Days- 4,770 FP/ 150 Tokens
*30 Days- 14,370 FP/ 479 Tokens
*Permanent- 949 Tokens
The Frying pan is a powerful weapon, and also the only melee weapon to be implemented in Season 2. This item is a powerful attack, but swifter than the Toy Hammer, making it a good weapon for melee-only matches. While this weapon is very powerful and fast, it can easily blow your cover because of the loud "clang" when it attacks. Also, it's very expensive to rent and is only available permanent for tokens.
==Tips on Usage==
The Frying Pan can deal several deadly blows quickly, but there are weapons speedier than it. To get around this, you can try the "Hit'n Run" tactic on the Toy Hammer page. But regardless, the Frying Pan is a good weapon for melee fans.


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