Solar Flare

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"An essential item for special operations. Will blind your enemy for a short time, making them vulnerable."-In-game description

Purchasing Options[edit | edit source]

Note: This shows the prices for a weapon mastery of 1.

  • 1 Day- 1,317 FP/ 35 Tokens
  • 7 Days- 3,950 FP/ 216 Tokens
  • Permanent-13,167 720 Tokens

Tactics[edit | edit source]

This weapons does exactly what it says in the description- It blinds your enemies. Be careful though- it can also blind your allies! Anyone who sees this weapon when it detonates will instantly be blinded for a few seconds. Note that the names above other players' heads are still visible. This weapon is especially nasty when it catches your enemies by surprise-- they won't see what hit them. Literally. This "blind time" gives your team the opportunity to quickly devastate your enemy morale.

Tips on Usage[edit | edit source]

The Solar Flare is completely unaffective unless the victim can see it when it activates. This means that you need to have the bomb in the right place to be most effective on a group of foes. There is an alternative to the Solar Flare, which is the Smokie. However, the effectiveness of the two weapons vary depending on the player using it.