Patch Notes v 1.9.87

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Version 1.9.87 - 26.04.2012[1][edit | edit source]

New items and features[edit | edit source]

Build Mode[edit | edit source]

  • The Streamliner (line creation tool) and Swappie (brick replacement tool) have been added
  • The Swappie will check functionality with every attempt of swapping bricks
  • The Steamliner will verify the number of bricks with every line that will be built
  • Player can choose which bricks the Swappie will replace before they begin the swapping process
  • 2 additional Build Guns have been added
  • Basic Builder Gun (Range 5 meters) (Building speed: 120 Blocks per Minute)
  • Improved Builder Gun (Range 20 meters) (Building speed: 240 Blocks per Minute)
  • Ultimate Builder Gun (Range Unlimited) (Building speed: 1200 Blocks per Minute)
  • Players are able to fly in build mode and talk in the chat at the same time
  • Angel Wings, Devil Wings and the Jetpack have been added
  • Players can fly in the Build Mode with a Jetpack or Wings by activating/deactivating the Fly Mode with “E”, ascending with “K” and descending with “L”

Shooter Mode[edit | edit source]

  • Four new Melee weapons have been added
  • Flash Bang has been added
  • Flash Bang will impair the vision of players within a certain range
  • Ammunition Charger have been added for all weapons
  • Auto Reload, Health Pack, Heart Beat Radar and Speed Potion have been added
  • The Auto Reload Item won’t be consumed if the weapon does not have any ammunition left
  • When a player uses an item, a visual effect will appear around the player for a short time
  • Consumable items have now their own sounds
  • If the player dies, the Warpie speed effect will disappear
  • Items can’t be consumed while talking in the chat
  • Every item slot has now an individual cooldown
  • Healing potion: 20 Seconds
  • Warpies (Speed potion): 30 Seconds
  • Heart Beat radar: 30 Seconds
  • All ammo packs: 5 Seconds

Game Improvements[edit | edit source]

  • Spawn protection duration has been lowered
  • Spawn protection will be deactivated once the player takes action in any way
  • The health box in the bottom left corner now blinks when Spawn Protection is activated
  • A new font, “segoeui.ttf” has been added for all languages
  • Team members will now have a green name and enemies have a red name in the game
  • Enemy names will appear when in a 15 meters range or when aiming at them with the crosshair
  • New Weapon and Fire Animations have been added
  • Maps can now be registered with Normal Points, Brick Points or Tokens
  • Bricks can now be selected with the Mouse Wheel while in Build Mode
  • Player can now place all types of bricks without needing a Deco Brick package.
  • New voices have been added for all languages
  • Keybindings can now be adjusted in the “Settings” tab under “Input”
  • Screenshots can now be taken easily with the “Insert” Key
  • The help function can now be accessed by pressing “Home”

Game Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Treasure Chests have been deactivated
  • Maps can now have download fees from 0 – 100 Brick Points
  • Creating a clan will now cost players 12,000 General Points
  • Most item prices have been adjusted
  • New Builder Gun Models have been added
  • Players can switch tools in Build Mode by pressing “F”, “G” or “H”
  • Bricks can now be scrolled through with the mouse wheel while in Build Mode
  • Players can now buy items with Brick Points
  • Players can’t gift items that are purchasable with Brick Points or General Points
  • The expiry time on rentable items now begins when a player first buys an item
  • The expiry time on gifts or items from the treasure chest now begins when the player equips the item.
  • Players can sort consumable items in an “Action Slot” to prepare for battle
  • Moving Speed has been decreased
  • Weapon attributes have been balanced

Localization Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Several strings have been updated or implemented
  • ENGLISH has been changed into English in the Login Screen
  • “Head Shot” is now called “Brick Shot”

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • CTF and Defusion Maps can only be registered once all flags have been placed.

(8 Blue Flags and 8 Red Flags)

  • The first brick you place in Build Mode can now be placed properly
  • Items from the Shop which can be purchased with Tokens can’t be decomposed
  • F1, F2 and F3 are now used for chat functions
  • Expired items are colored red in the “My Items” Tab
  • The Brick-Force client won’t crash anymore when loading a Blast Mode map
  • Players will now respawn properly during a Defusion Match
  • The Standard Build Gun will be automatically equipped when the Premium Build Gun expires
  • When using the Line Tool without the rights to edit a map, error messages won’t appear anymore
  • Upon using their last consumable, players won’t be disconnected from the server
  • Memory Hacking has been fixed and the Brick-Force client will crash if a player attempts to do so.

References[edit | edit source]