Octopus cannon

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                                                                                                    = First Tier =

== base attributes == ACCURACY-93% RECOIL-21% ROF (RATE OF FIRE)-83% AMMO-158% MOBILITY-60% RANGE-15/70

                                                                                                    == Second Tier ==

== upgrade suggestions == Max out damage and recoil, ROF is good enough to hang by it self.(but of course you can always max out every thing!)

                                                                                                    === Third Tier ===

== tips on usage == Use a slow kind of burst fire technique but if you have recoil maxed you wont have to.

                                                                                                    ==== Fourth Tier ====

== tactics == Good for bursting out of cover and spraying. With a steady hand and 10k tokens this weapon is unstoppable.

                                                                                                    ===== Fifth Tier =====

== history == Made for 2014 summer weapons category.

plz edit mercilessly this is my first time doing this.