Mosquito 1

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Mosquito 1
Mosquito 1.png
Type Main/Light
Capacity 120
Range 35/135

Powerful weapon with above-average accuracy for it's category.

Interesting weapon what is like a combo between assault-rifle and submachine gun. Makes relativly impressive damage compared to its RoF. It's possible to shoot long range shots and even kill enemies long range but it needs quite responsive and accurate mouse control. Sometimes annoying spread when your trying to shoot enemy even mid-range but not so concentrated.

But this weapon has so many advantages that it's definitely worth of trying.

Purchasing Options[edit | edit source]

Levels tie-in with your actual "Weapon Mastery" in-game. Weapon Mastery levels varies for all players.

  • At Level 1 - 27,095 Force Points or 1,200 Tokens with a discount of 0%
  • At Level 2 - 26,282 Force Points or 1,164 Tokens with a discount of 3%
  • At Level 3 - 25,740 Force Points or 1,140 Tokens with a discount of 5%
  • At Level 4 - 24,927 Force Points or 1,104 Tokens with a discount of 8%
  • At Level 5 - 23,030 Force Points or 1,020 Tokens with a discount of 15%

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Tips on Usage[edit | edit source]

  • It has a high Rate of Fire, use this to your advantage and get close to your enemy!

Notes[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Es hat eine hohe Feuerrate, verwenden Sie diese zu Ihrem Vorteil und nah an den Feind!