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Type Special/Grenade
Capacity 1

"An oddly shaped grenade. It's impossible to tell which way it will bounce after throwing it." - Brick-Force.

The grenade is a great explosive device that should be utilised to its full potential. The grenade can be used to:

  • Lure enemies out
  • Kill enemies
  • Kamikaze (Suicide Bombing)
  • And to counter the shields.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

To use a grenade effectively is to use it wisely. Grenades are high explosives which have the potential to kill players at once, or maim the enemy. Grenades can also be used to lure enemies out of hiding inside buildings, tunnels or tight spaces. The grenade also can counter the shields used.

  • Luring enemies
When circumstances are right, the enemy might be hiding inside a room (this is what frustrates many players) and camp in there. The player might be shot once they get close enough to the enemy. This is when the grenade comes in. When thrown, the grenade will land inside the room, thus the enemy will either continue hiding (risking their life) or walk out to face your Submachine gun or Heavy machine gun.
  • Killing enemies
As stated above, trying to lure the enemies out is one way of killing them. If they do not react to the grenade thrown, then the enemy probably have taken cover of taken damage but survived. If in a tunnel, the player can estimate the bounce of the wall and impact next to the enemy, also with the possibility of killing them.
  • Kamikaze (Suicide Bombing)
When trying to kamikaze you should remember that you have 5 seconds before bomb explodes.If you are going to kamikaze be sure that enemy wont kill you before you can reach them or having a wrong timing and letting enemy to kill you will be failure.
Best used when behind enemy.
  • Timing Nades (Insta-plode)
Grenades have 5 seconds delay before it explodes, so you can wait and hold (Left Mouse Hold) the grenade for 2-3 seconds then throw it, exploding instantly to the enemy.

Tips on Usage[edit | edit source]

When using the grenade, it is important to remember that you do not throw the grenade in a tight space. If you do throw it in a tight space, chances are, it will rebound off the wall, or ground and thus killing the player.

Notes[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

  • The Grenade is first introduced in Closed Beta version 1.4 Infernum Release 40.
  • The Grenade was known in World War 2 as a "Potato Masher" by the Allies.