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Brick-Force Technical issues FAQ: We will try to post every solved Problem here, so may take a look here before you ask a question to Infernum.

Problem: Connection Lost
Solution: Please take a look at our Website or in the Launcher and check if there is a server maintenance. Scheduled maintenances are usually announced there on time. If you cannot find any information on server maintenances, please try clicking on “Server List” (in-game) instead of “Play” and choose a different channel. This can also help.

Problem: Tokens were not delivered after I bought them
Solution: Before you turn to our support, please note that the delivery of Tokens might take a few minutes. Please also remember that you have to restart the game after buying Tokens in order for the correct amount to be displayed. If your Token purchase coincidentally clashes with a server maintenance, don’t worry about them getting lost. As soon as the maintenance works are finished, your Tokens will be delivered. Especially when it comes to “Earn Tokens”, Token delivery can take some time. Unfortunately, in this case, duration cannot be controlled or influenced by us.

Problem: Old Brick-Force version
Solution: If you receive this error message, Brick-Force needs an update. In order to initiate this process, please start the game by double-clicking on the file BfLauncher.exe which you will find in your Brick-Force folder. If this does not work, please contact our support at http://support.infernum.com/.

Problem: I didn’t receive my bonus Tokens during a promotion
Solution: Please note that during promotions, all bonus Tokens are already included in the amount listed in the purchase overview. Thus, if the Token amount listed there is the amount you received, you got all Tokens you paid for.

Problem: Forgot Password
Solution: If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one here: https://www.brick-force.com/en/password-request

If there are still problems or you have a Problem not listed here, then go to the Technical Issues section on the Brick-Force Forums or Sign in with your Brick-Force Account at the Support to send a Ticket with your Problem directly to Brick-Force's Support-Team! (NOTICE: It may takes a while until you get an answer!)