Eagle 12 Gold

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The gold Eagle is the same as the Eagle 12 but gold, but the Eagle 12 Gold has does not lose durability so you don't have the hassle of repairing it. The gun could be obtained by buying the Thunder 18k or Mamba 90 Gold during the Gold Finger Event. The Eagle 12 Gold was obtained permanent in the Gold Finger Event. The Eagle 12 Gold also could have been won in a Pick'N'Win event that lasted 2 days but you could only win the Eagle 12 Gold for 30 days during the event. The Eagle 12 Gold did not come with upgraded stats so you have to upgrade with your own Tokens or Force points. The Eagle 12 Gold does become available on very rare occasions (Flash Sale's) for a large amount of tokens. The picture on the left side is already upgraded by someone, but when just bought or obtained it won't have the upgraded sign until you upgrade it with gems.

Eagle 12 Gold.jpg Eagle 12 Gold In Hand.jpg

Gold Eagle 12 Stats
Rate Of Fire-35%

Rarity: Limited Edition
Even: Gold Finger
Availability: Very rare occasions