Cyclone 16

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Cyclone 16
Cyclone 16.png
Type Main/Medium
Capacity 120
Range 60/160

A gas-operated assault rifle. Probably the most balanced weapon in the game.

Purchasing Options[edit | edit source]

Levels tie-in with your actual "Weapon Mastery" in-game. Weapon Mastery levels varies for all players.

  • At Level 1 - 21,295 Force Points or 1,200 Tokens with a discount of 0%
  • At Level 2 - 21,315 Force Points or 1,164 Tokens with a discount of 3%
  • At Level 3 - 20,876 Force Points or 1,140 Tokens with a discount of 5%
  • At Level 4 - 20,217 Force Points or 1,104 Tokens with a discount of 8%
  • At Level 5 - 18,678 Force Points or 1,020 Tokens with a discount of 15%

Tips on Usage[edit | edit source]

  • Stay within short/medium ranges in the map
  • Upgrade this weapon's RoF and you will be able to hit more efficient.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Average damage over range.
  • Average ammunition count in each magazine.
  • Low fire rate.
  • High recoil.

History[edit | edit source]

The Cyclone 16 is based off of the real-life M16 assault rifle, a gas-operated, selective-fire rifle that is the standard issue rifle or the US military. It uses 5.56x45mm ammunition fed from a 20- or 30-round box magazine. The M16 is best known for its accuracy, high rate of fire, and light weight. It features a modular design for more versatility in the battlefield and is the most-produced weapon in its caliber. At the time of writing, it is slowly being replaced by the M4A1 in the US military.