Build and Destroy

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Build and Destroy was released after official release of Brick-Force. This game mode are very similar to Team mode. Each game starts with Build phase and ends with Destroy phase.

Build Phase[edit | edit source]

In this phase you must build own base, then to be able to defend against opposite team. You can use all blocks to build (exceptions are spawn points, flag points and blast targets). When the Build Phase are over, the Destroy Phase begins.

Destroy Phase[edit | edit source]

In this phase you must kill score as many points as you can by killing opponent's team. After a time out or exceed the kills limit, the game is over or the Build Phase begins (optional, if more than one round set). The team that scores the most kills are winner.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • You can't use all wings and jetpack to fly in this game mode
  • You can place all turrets